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Updated 10 April 2014

Hey everyone, Jake here! Did I miss Movie Madness Month?! Oh no! Wait a second, where did Haley go? Oh, I bet she’s running around the kingdom trying to find those lost stitch hats… She’ll never find one. I mean, seriously, free stitch hats just laying on the floor? Ha! Didn’t she know it was April Fools?

Anyway, you probably want to know what April has in store! Haley and I recently came back from scuba diving and flying through Inner-Space… can you guess the theme yet? Yes, April is Tomorrowland Quests month! Oh, and what about our hats? Baseball season has started! Cool new baseball items will be released this month as well, so batter’s up!

Dive! Drive! Fly!

Space… Land… and Sea… which Tomorrowland Quests will you be able to complete? Coming soon this month, you’ll be able to complete the quests for the Deep Sea Diving Magic Pin, Inner-Space Suit Magic Pin, and earn your Autopia Drivers’ License and drive around your very own car with the Autopia Racing Magic Pin! Then you’ll be able to dive into the sea, race around Autopia, or fly into Inner-Space!

Fantasyland Ride Madness!

A new set of Fantasyland Ride pins are now ready to be pulled out of the Sword in The Stone! You can earn these awesome new Mickey & Friends Pins by simply riding the Fantasyland Courtyard rides and trying to lift the sword. Have a nice ride and good luck!

Push’s Trash Trivia!

Test Your Knowledge of Disney Trivia!

This Week’s Question:  This Tomorrowland attraction opened in 1967 and closed in 1985 to make way for Disney and George Lucas’ new Star Tours attraction. Name the attraction.

Know the answer?

Send your answer to trivia@myvmk.com. Be sure to provide your MyVMK username in the email with the answer. From the correct answers submitted, we randomly select three players as the winners and send them a Push Trivia Pin! You have until Thursday, April 17th, to send your answers in.

Here’s the answer to last weeks Push Trivia:

This famous captain led the crew of the Nautilus in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, who is he?

Answer: Captain Nemo.

Did you know: Starring Kirk Douglas as whaler Ned Land and James Mason as Captain Nemo, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was a “Whale of a Tale” released in 1954.

In the film, sailors set off to find out what’s sinking whaling ships only to find the cause (a giant squid) is much more than they bargained for. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was not only a technical achievement for Walt Disney Studios but the inspiration for many filmmakers (including the makers of Pixar’s Finding Nemo) for years to come.

You can still see props from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at Disney Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. In the attraction (a tribute to Walt Disney), “One Man’s Dream,” there’s a diving suit and model used during filming. Congratulations to the 3 lucky (and randomly picked) players that sent in the correct answer for last week’s question!



Event and Item Info

It’s Tomorrowland Quests Month! Check out these NEW items!

In the Emporium & Inner-Space Shop…

Batters Up! Baseball Season has officially started! Get the Baseball Outfit Blue, available now! (Hat, shirt, pants and shoes – each item sold separately.)

Don’t take yourself out to a ballgame, own the ballgame! Get the VMK Baseball Diamond Guest Room available for purchase starting April 4th!

Furnish your Baseball Diamond with Baseball Bases and Spectator Benches, available April 4th! Start hosting your own baseball games today!

Pick up the Astro Orbiter Lamp in the Inner-Space Shop starting April 11th!

Available in the Inner-Space Shop on April 11th is the Tomorrowland People Mover Retro Pin 2 of 5! This pin is only available for the WEEKEND only, so be sure to pick one up for your collection! It’s the second pin in the Tomorrowland Retro Pin series! Collect all 5!

Check the Community Calendar for more events, details, and event times.

March’s Best Guest Room

What makes a Guest Room award-worthy?

Guest Rooms that stand out show originality in concept and design. It could be a use of conventional furniture in unconventional ways, the use of a theme or color, or humor. The most important thing while designing a room is to have fun!

March was full of amazing guest room creations, and to everyone who entered, GREAT JOB! Here is March’s Best Guest Room winner…

Deep in the jungle lays a Lost temple, One like no other - Inferno’s Indiana Jones Lost Temple! Come help Indiana Jones himself explore this dark place & find the lost Crystal Skull! But beware, it is protected by a curse and there are traps hidden everywhere! Congratulations Inferno!

The Best Guest Room Winner receives:
- 2000 credits
- A free room - Castle Suite Guest Room
- Best Guest Room Award Pin
- Plus! A party in Club 33!
Did you create a guest room and want to enter it in this month’s contest? Simply send an email to bgr@myvmk.com with an image of the room, your in-game character name, and the room title and description to submit your room entry! Good luck!

MyVMK 1.0

Big changes and updates are coming to MyVMK soon! Check the Development Updates frequently for the latest news and information on MyVMK 1.0.

MyVMK Staff Profiles

Ever wanted to know more about your favorite staff member? Now you can! Every so often we will be interviewing a different member of the MyVMK Staff. Our fourth staff interview will be with someone who is a huge movie fan!

Mod name: HOST_Celluloid

What’s your favorite item?
Well, I could say my lovely crate wife Sasha, the Coffee Table Crate Color - Brown, but I’ll be a bit less cliché, and say my good friend Dave, the Bird Hat, named after the main character from one of my favorite movies, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Movie Month is Here! What’s your favorite Disney movie?
Well, I guess what you consider a Disney movie is important here. I’d say Monster’s Inc if you include Pixar. If we’re talking the Animated Canon, I’m gonna go towards Wreck It Ralph.

What are your favorite public rooms to hang out in?
I love catching a movie in the Sci-fi Dine In, but I’m gonna say the Inner-Space Shrinking room, because apparently I’m not the only one who loved 2001!

MyVMK Safety and Security

MyVMK’s ‘Call For Help’ button is easy to use and always accessible – just click on the HELP button on the lower right of the VMK player window. We encourage you to let us know if anything unsafe or suspicious catches your attention.


Tip: Remember the ‘Call For Help’ is like MyVMK’s 911. So while we encourage you to use it, please only do so for serious player issues. And like 911, using ‘Call For Help’ to report false information will get you in trouble too, so make sure you’re reporting the incident or player accurately.

If you do have a serious problem, tell us immediately! The faster you use the ‘Call For Help’ button to make us aware of a problem, the more effective we can be in taking care of the issue. So please, tell us immediately if you have a serious problem and help make MyVMK a fun and safe place for everyone.

Silence is Golden… The Ignore Button is Red!


Tip: If a player is ever being mean to you or bothering you, you can click on their avatar to bring up their player card. From there, click the red “Ignore” Button to no longer receive messages from them. Make the best of MyVMK!

Staff Impersonation is NEVER allowed!

Impersonating Staff Members is never allowed in MyVMK. If a player says they are Staff, make sure they’re wearing the orange Mickey Pin and have VMK_ (for moderator) or HOST_ (for Hosts) in their title.

Remember, MyVMK Staff will never ask you to trade any items.


You can always spot STAFF and HOSTS because they will always wear the orange Mickey Pin.

There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day!" - Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

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