Short-term Outcome of Oral Prednisolone in the Management of Primary Adhesive Capsulitis.


  • Afsar Khan Assistant Professors, Orthopedic Department DHQ Teaching Hospital KDA Kohat
  • Saad Dildar Khattak Assistant Professors, Orthopedic Department DHQ Teaching Hospital KDA Kohat
  • Muhammad Zahid Shah Assistant Professors, Orthopedic Department DHQ Teaching Hospital KDA Kohat
  • Javed Ullah Khan Senior Registrar Orthopedic Department DHQ Teaching Hospital KDA Kohat
  • Tauseef Raza Assistant Professors, Orthopedic Department DHQ Teaching Hospital KDA Kohat


Objective: To determine the short term outcome of oral Prednisolone in the management of primary adhesive capsulitis in terms of pain relief and improvement in shoulder range of motion.

Methods: This descriptive study was carried out in Orthopedic Department District Head Quarter Hospital(DHQ) Teaching Hospital Kohat Development authority(KDA) Kohat from 23rd July 2020 to 23rd December 2021. All adults patients with primary adhesive capsulitis fulfilling the inclusion criteria were treated with 30 mg oral prednisolone in tapering dose for 3 weeks. The intensity of pain was assessed using Visual Analogue Scale(VAS) and shoulder range of motion(ROM) was measured with goniometer at 3 weeks and compared with pre treatment values.

Results: In this study 46 patients were included. Female were 28 (60.87%) while males were 18 (39.13%). Average age was 52.35±6.48 years. Non-dominant and dominant shoulders were affected in 27(58.70%) and 19(41.30%) patients respectively. The mean pre treatment VAS significantly improved from 8.23±3.2 to 1.97±1.1 post treatment.(p<0.05) A significant improvement in shoulder flexion, abduction, internal rotation and external rotation was documented.(p<0.05)

Conclusion: Significant short term pain reduction and improvement in shoulder range of motion was documented with oral Prednisolone in patients with primary adhesive capsulitis.


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